Relieve Stress with the Scent of Our Natural Oils

Did you know that the scent of lavender oil helps you relax? Do you know that a drop of peppermint oil will help you get rid of nausea? Aromatherapy is a popular health treatment used by health practitioners today. This therapy uses the power of scent and its natural healing properties to treat the human body. Natural extracts are used in creating aromatic therapies. If you are planning to treat yourself to a bottle of natural oil, then come and visit our salon in Melrose Park, IL.


Ambrosial Aromatherapy is a therapeutic spa that offers high-quality aromatherapy products and services. We serve our customers by providing you with impeccable therapeutic services. Our company values your overall health and well-being. We specialize in aromatherapy and aromatherapy supplies. One of the items that we highly recommend to you are the bottles of aromatic oils. We have a wide range of natural oils that you can choose from.


Natural oils are made from the extracts of various healing plants and herbs. Plants like lavender, peppermint, and lemongrass are known for its healing effects on the human body. These natural oils were carefully extracted from high-quality organic plants. The oils are known for its many health benefits, which include pain and stress relief, mood elevation, and improvement in cognitive functions. Each bottle of natural oil is made just for every individual need.


Besides our aromatherapy service and supplies, you can also book our therapeutic bodywork. This service is excellent for busy individuals who want to relax after a long and busy day at work.
Ambrosial Aromatherapy is fully licensed, certified, and insured to provide you with high-quality aromatherapy supplies. Our products and services are very affordable and budget-friendly The spa is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can book our services or purchase any of our health products at your own convenient time. Whenever you need a bottle of relaxing natural oil, you can visit our office in Melrose Park, IL or call us at (708) 292-0862 to schedule an appointment with us today!